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What does CPESN do?

CPESN Missouri has been active since 2017, engaging with high-performing pharmacies statewide.

The CPESN Missouri mission is to offer enhanced patient services through a network of community-based pharmacies, addressing patients’ unique medication use needs and co-managing patients in collaboration with an integrated care team, ensuring positive health outcomes and reducing overall health care costs.

Services that go

far beyond

medication dispensing


We partner with you to expand your employee health benefits while controlling rising costs.


Our pharmacies offer a better type of practice for patients who need a higher level of pharmacy care.


Keep your members out of the ER and hospital, while improving their overall quality of life.


Grow your business beyond prescriptions by focusing on medication management services.

Who does CPESN serve?

Pick a pharmacy that focuses on

improving your health

Ready to join?

We are always looking for community-focused, care-oriented members to join our network. If you are ready to join or have any questions, reach out!

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