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Payer solutions

to improving

the health of complex patients

What are CPESN's solutions?

CPESN pharmacies are clinically integrated, performance based, and willing to be held accountable. Value contracting is made easy for Payers, Partners, and Purchasers with a single agreement covering 49 networks of more than 3,500 independent community pharmacies in 44 states. CPESN pharmacies collaborate with other providers to identify and close medication adherence gaps, identify at-risk patients and respond with interventions, and provide informed medication and opioid management. 


CPESN pharmacies focus on keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital by providing individualized health services to insurance plan members. 


Medicaid programs rely on CPESN pharmacies to reach patients managing challenging health issues by improving medication adherence.


CPESN pharmacies focus on decreasing the cost of care through improved access to effective care.


CPESN pharmacists improve medication utilization through adherence programs, medication therapy management services, and chronic disease management.

Trusted patient care &

healthier bottom line for payers

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