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Your solution

to improving

employee health benefits

How can CPESN help?

As an employer, you're likely aware of the rising costs associated with providing employee health benefits. But did you know that these costs are often tied to chronic health conditions and poor medication adherence?

CPESN pharmacies work directly with employers to deliver chronic disease screening, education, and prevention programs to help focus on overall employee health and quality of life. This results in increased employee productivity, lower absenteeism, decreased hospital and ER visits, and overall lower cost of care.

Why partner with us?

We offer highly engaged medication services so your employees meet their health goals. Your local CPESN pharmacist can work with employees to:

  • Discuss health or medication concerns

  • Reconcile medication adherence issues

  • Screen for chronic disease indicators

  • Facilitate behavior and lifestyle change

  • Track and follow-up on clinical markers

Manage overall spend while

improving quality of life

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